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Using food to increase intimacy

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AN AUSSIE couple has revealed the secret ingredients to spice up relationships in an steamy erotic cookbook — just in time for Valentine’s Day.

After their honeymoon period wore off and the rigours of a suburban routine kicked in, Sydney duo Ross Holland and Melissa Horton knew they needed to reignite the spark.

They’ve now released the dossier of tips, they say will help add a new level of intimacy for couples on every level.

Lust at First Bite contains 12 chapters of recipes for food and drink with playful ideas of romance, conversation and seduction.

Pineapple is great for passion, oysters for conversation, strawberries ignite imagination and, as it turns out, root powder Macca is great for the libido.

Chapters also include tangible tips on how to find time for each other.

“There are many parts to a loving relationship — feeling appreciated, loved and desired are important components,’’ Ms Horton said.

“Sometimes, in our busy lives, physical and emotional intimacy can be overlooked and begin to dissipate.

“Couples may drift apart, stop spending quality time together and disagree more often. This can lead to loneliness, resentment and disconnection. But the true love is still there, bubbling away underneath — just waiting to be uncovered.

She said uncovering the desire, connection and fun was what the book was all about.

The couple said the project was the culmination of passion in the kitchen and the bedroom.

“We were living in a small flat in London and were madly in love. Life was exciting and easy. We talked. We told each other everything, our biggest dreams, our deepest fears. We were open and honest.’’

But she said several years later life became far more complicated with two kids and a mortgage.

“As our relationship grew and deepened, so did the book. There were difficult and stressful times. There were times when we neglected to give one another the time we deserved.’’

She said some chapters offered sweet and romantic recipes, while others might be considered a little naughty.