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Cooking and food as a catalyst for communication

Posted by Illawarra Mercury - Desiree Savage on

Time well spent in the kitchen paves the way for time well spent in the bedroom according to one loved-up couple who’ve released the book “Lust at First Bite”.

Former Warilla local, Melissa Horton left her graphic design job to focus solely on publishing an erotic cookbook with her partner Ross Holland.

Horton said the idea for the romantic cooking guide was sparked 13 years ago when they were “madly in love and lust” and life was exciting and easy.

“ ... and ridiculously, crazily sexy. We talked. We told each other everything, our biggest dreams, our deepest fears. We played. We were open and honest. It was joyous and freeing,” she said.

It took a mortgage, a jealous dog, and two kids later for them to realise they still hadn’t followed through on their dream.

“You put the kids first and you forget you really need to put your partner, and yourself up in the forefront of life.”

The playful cooking guide takes it’s readers through 12 chapters of easy yet delicious recipes coupled with games to try with your partner to enhance communication, connection and intimacy.

The themes range from sweet and romantic to a pinch of spice and little bit naughty (couples will be required to get naked at some point).

“Ross’s [background] is a business coach and life coach, and we’re just really interested in relationships and cooking so thought ‘let’s bring it together’,” said Horton.
“So we’re using cooking and food as a catalyst for communication, getting couples talking again together and playing together and being together without it being heavy or hard.”

The book is not exactly 50 Shades of Grey, but it aims to be seductive and involve foods that are natural aphrodisiacs.

While Horton said it could be a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day, she believed romance should be celebrated all year round.

“People still love romance even in this day and age. Everybody wants to feel special, and the person that they love most in the world thinks they’re special and can take the time out to show they’re special,” said Horton.

“It shouldn’t just be one day a year, it should be whenever you can make time for it or whenever you feel the need.”

Most of the feedback given to pair so far has been from couples who have been together a long time or who may have a busy family life with children and have “forgotten to spend time together”.

Having two kids of their own, Horton and Holland know first hand that sometimes romance goes by the wayside because parents put their own needs aside.

“You put the kids first and you forget you really need to put your partner, and yourself up in the forefront of life,” said Horton.

“Lust at First Bite” is available online, in selected bookstores and newsagents.