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It all started with a picnic in bed...

Posted by Melissa Horton (co-author, Lust at First Bite) on

It all started with a picnic in bed, in a quaint and cosy bedsitter in Notting Hill, London, 13 years ago.

We were madly in love and lust. Life was fun, easy, and ridiculously, crazily, sexy. We talked. We told each other everything, our biggest dreams, our deepest fears. We played. We were open and honest. It was joyous and freeing.

We thought: this is amazing. This is truly flipping AMAZING. Everyone should be feeling this good. Let’s write a book and enlighten the world. Food + love + sex. What more could anyone want in life?

Fast forward a few years; add two children, a mortgage, and a strangely jealous dog, and life was quite different. Less time, less money, more compromise, more stress. Life wasn’t always so easy. But the dream, the idea, of Lust at First Bite was ever present.

As our relationship grew and deepened, so did the book. There were difficult and stressful times. There were times when we neglected to give one another the time we deserved. There were times we forgot what we loved about one other. Heck at one stage the book almost morphed into “How Not To Kill Your Husband With The Meat Tenderiser”. But in these times we would always turn back to the early days. The communication. The fun. The pure joy of love and lust.

And so Lust at First Bite developed into what it is today. An intimate, fun, journey of discovering, and rediscovering, passion and communication. Not only for new couples, but also for those who have been together for many years. We are so proud of this book. We hope you enjoy it too.

Mel & Ross

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