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About the Book

A playful, seductive, book for couples that brings together some of life's greatest pleasures - love, lust, laughter, food and fun.

Each chapter combines a set of easy to prepare, delicious recipes and a playful idea of love and lust to try together.

From the sweet and romantic, to the sexy and seductive, Lust at First Bite will tease your tastebuds and ignite the hunger in your relationship.

The Chapters


Some Enchanted Evening
Relive the early days of love and lust with this elegant three course meal and set of engaging and nostalgic relationship questions.

Tie Me Up Tiramisu
Experience the richness of tiramisu with heightened senses and gain trust in each other, as you're lightly bound and blind-folded.

Playful Paella
Sultry seductive Spanish role-play with sangria and a very playful paella.

Sip Sliding Away
Let your inhibitions fall away with these three cocktails and a sip sliding game sure to be a favourite.

Artistic Appetite
Create a masterpiece of desire using a canvas, bold paints and your bodies as brushes, serving three colourful fruity dips to enjoy while you work.

Exotic Twist
Indulge in flavours of the Caribbean with an exotic game of chance with a twist, discovering some of your lover's secret pleasures.

Bubbles Amore
Surprise your partner with this sensual relaxing treat of sweet and savoury bruschetta recipes served with bubbles.

Fashion Feast
You are the star. You are sexy, sassy, vibrant and wild. Have fun with this game of fashion while enjoying four mouthwatering canapes.

Rise & Shine
Wake up with a smile with fluffy sweet pancakes, poached pears and a passion starting maca smoothie.

Twice as Nice
Double the pleasure with this romantic game of reflection, and a recipe that develops into two meals.

Afternoon Delight
How well can you read your partner? A card game of bluff and deception that ends with sweet surrender and a delightfully delicious pudding.

Pizza Passion
Ask, learn and discover the passions of your partner with a daring questionnaire of life, love and lust, while enjoying a choice of three tempting pizzas.

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